Mobile Ultrasound, relaxed, professional and in the comfort of your own home

We provide FREE OF CHARGE videos of your scan for you to keep

  • Canine & feline pregnancy detection in your own home or our clinic nights from just £35 per scan*.
  • Free videos of your scan for you to keep.
  • Number counts given for litter size.
  • Optimum time to scan is between 28 days and 35 days from mating
  • Later gestation scans available to check on progress of pups
  • Scan can be seen in real time on our super large, crystal clear 15″ monitor with 80 channels for high resolution image.
  • CE certified vet grade scanning machine used.
  • Discounts available for multiple scans at same address.
  • Many years of experience with hundreds of bitches and queens scanned.

We are proud to be able to offer a top notch and fully insured canine pregnancy scanning service in Essex. Canines are my main focus although I also have experience of scanning cats am also available to scan rabbits too.

We have experience of pet dogs, show dogs, working dogs, cross breeds etc and understand how precious each pregnancy is. The majority of my business comes to me via word of mouth.

Our pregnancy ultrasound service can be used to confirm pregnancy from as early as 28 days although we recommend 35 days as a better time if you are patient enough to wait those few extra days.

We can give a ‘guestimate’ of pups (or kittens) present at the time of the scan, however as pregnancy advances this becomes more difficult. You must also be aware that wherever a ‘guestimate’ is given this cannot be guaranteed due to pups (or kittens) hiding high up or due to reabsorbtion occurring, however I am normally very accurate.

Scanning costs are from just £35* and I can travel to where required within reason, although an extra charge may be made depending on distance but you will always be informed of this prior to booking.


Simply call 07917 445830
(please leave a message if not available)
Alternatively you can email:
or visit our FB page and send a direct message: Essexcaninepregnancyscanning

I will then contact you to arrange an appointment as soon as possible based on the mating dates you give me.

Ultrasound scanning is non invasive and a simple water based conductive, pet safe gel is used.

* Travel charges may apply, please contact me for details.
Discounts apply to multiple scans at same address, please call to discuss.