Don’t be afraid to ask

I saw a scary post on FB today, I see plenty that aren’t great but this is the first I’ve found really worrying. Bloods should only be taken by an RVN under vet guidance ON THE PREMISES or a VET – full stop! There is no if, but or maybe, this is from guidance received from the RCVS to a fellow scanner, in writing. Yet I am seeing numerous posts about clinics popping up that appear to be doing random one day ‘courses’ and then setting up advertising as taking bloods. If bloods are indeed being taken by anyone other than a VET or RVN under vet guidance you can bet there isn’t any insurance in place, so when your beloved pooch suffers a damaged vein or worse what then? Then it is too late to ask the questions so please ask them before, ask for certificates, ask for proof, experience etc whatever you feel necessary but do ask at the very least who will be taking the bloods!

Now a few of you might be wondering why I’m talking about bloods when I dont get involved in AI, bloods etc but it is all part and parcel of the same growing problem. There are so many scanners popping up all over the place and so many haven’t completed a days training in their life! I actually saw someone who was advertising training for scanners the other day with a photo of a scan that I (and several well known good scanners that I speak with) would have bet my bottom dollar on being a loop of bowel (not having done the actual scan myself always difficult but in no way did this scan resemble as having the claimed puppy sacs showing on it), yet these people are going to train others to confirm pregnancies!

Its all really quite shocking…

Regarding my own training, I have completed level 1 and level 2 ultrasound training under a highly experienced clinical specialist sonographer and have now many years of experience scanning, testimonials are also freely available browse on my FB and website. I am also insured.