I know my girl wont stay still….shes too waggy….nervous….unsure…

No problem, its still perfectly possible to scan a dog thats fidgeting and confirm pregnancy and in most cases also give a good guide to how many are seen, it just might take a little longer.

You wont be the first either, I see so many dogs and so many personalities Ive dealt with them all I think! Some fidget because they are worried, thats fine, I take my time to let them get comfortable, there is never any pressure. I have always successfully scanned so far but IF I felt a dog were too stressed I would have no hesitation in ultimately suggesting we postpone the scan as the welfare of bitch and possible pups always comes first. However I normally find, time, kindness and a good bribe such as cheese works wonders!

Some fidget because they are just so happy, happy labradors are a prime example, or springers that wag so happy their whole body wags with them. Even then, as early as 28days I find a heartbeat to confirm that pups are alive and viable at this stage.

Some dogs are wary of strangers coming along with equipment such as my scanner, thats ok too, I find a no fuss approach normally allows them to feel less threatened and more comfortable.

So, in short, if you are hoping to book a scan but not sure how your bitch might cope, just call me for a chat and I will be happy to work out whats best.

Essex Canine Pregnancy Scanning – Life begins here!

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