There are many reasons why you might decide on a scan for your dog/cat etc. The most common is to actually confirm pregnancy. Often the symptoms associated with pregnancy are exactly the same as those associated with phantom pregnancies and therefore a scan is a sure way to confirm that there really is a litter on the way!

But what of the other benefits?

Well I was reminded of one such benefit just this week. For the second time I had to give a client the never welcome news that her girl was expecting a singleton (just one puppy).

So why is the news of a singleton not always so welcome?

Singletons present a myriad of problems that you might not experience with a bigger litter, not least of which is the fact that sometimes dams will not go into labour with them or can become very overdue. This is because whelping commences after a build of stress hormones released by the puppies inside, when there is a singleton the same hormone levels are sometimes not reached. In addition, often singletons can require a C-section for delivery due to their size being above average.

But its good to know right?

Yes, is the definitive answer! If you have a scan and discover a singleton puppy then you have an idea what you are up against, you can inform your vet and can take this into consideration if due dates pass by with no commencement of labour.

The second greatest reason for scans beyond confirmation of pregnancy is, in short, to allow you to be prepared, be that for a singleton, or for a huge litter which itself has its own challenges. So be a scout/girl scout and be prepared! Book your scan by calling 07917 445830 or emailing

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