To shave or not to shave?

So many clients are worried about their dogs having to be shaved for scans, rest assured however, not necessary!

I have scanned every thing from hairless tums to those of the Newfoundland with considerably more hair than a lot of people have on their head and shaving is just not necessary. There is no point putting a possibly pregnant bitch through unnecessary stress which is often the case with shaving.

The joys of home scans is that I arrive, quietly set up whilst you have a chance to read through the paperwork and make sure you are happy to proceed. Nothing needs to be done to your hopefully expectant girl, she can lie down, stand up, be cradled in a lap, I work with whatever makes her happy. Its non intrusive and you watch it all on the touch screen as it happens. No fuss, no mess and certainly no shaving!

Interested in booking a scan? Then call or text me on 07917 445830. All I need to know is where you are located and how far along from mating your bitch is and we can arrange a booking.

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