You get what you pay for

Just this last week I have had a ‘scanner’ (according to them a level 3 – which I have never heard of) contact me and request I talk her through a post whelping scan on her dog as she wasnt sure what she should be seeing, seen several posts by scanners of kidneys calling it a puppy and that is just the tip of the iceberg.

None of us scanners are perfect, even vets miss a pup or get things wrong occasionally but there really is no replacing experience! I may not be the cheapest scanner in the area, I know there are some barely charging anything but please ask yourself why? Why would a scanner confident in what they do be charging next to nothing for their services? What professional doesn’t charge their worth?

So when you are looking to book your scan by all means check the price, you dont want any nasty financial surprises but please dont put that at the top of your list of decision making criteria. Ask about experience, ask about their machine, ask how many scans they have done, are they insured etc

In addition I am often called once a first scan with another scanner has disappointed and I note that normally there is not even a photograph that the client will have of their scan let alone a video clip. When I scan, if your bitch is in whelp you will receive several clips of your scan, I try to provide clips that show various gestation sacs and also close ups of heartbeats etc.

So all I ask when you consider who you will book your scan in with, all I ask is that you consider what you get for what you are paying. Breeding is an expensive thing, a scan is a relatively small part of that expense but you might as well get the best you can!